Michigan Horse Council

Promoting and Protecting the Horse Industry Since 1973 

Michigan Horse Council

Promoting and Protecting Michigan's Horse Industry Since 1973


What is the Mission of the Michigan Horse Council?

The mission of the Michigan Horse Council is to:

A.) Provide individuals and organizations with a central authority that will support, encourage, supplement, and coordinate the efforts of those presently engaged in the constructive conservation, development, and promotion of the horse industry and horse community in the state of Michigan.

B.) Educate and Inform individuals and organizations through all available media, educational programs, and cooperation.

C.) Advocate the conservation and promotion of the horse industry and community.

Our Working Philosophy: Direct scholarships to horse people and funding non-profit equine organizations that will help the Michigan horse industry.

Long-Term Goal: To further promote the Michigan Horse Council Endowment Fund for scholarships and philanthropy.

Specifically target the following areas for support:

Horse People through scholarships, youth programs and educational programs    

Horses through the research and well-being of horses

  Horse Industry Infrastructure

 through construction, improvement and maintenance of public places to use and exhibit horses, such as public trails and fairground facilities

Michigan   Horse   Council

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Proceeds from the annual Michigan Horse Expo allow the MHC to fund its operation and programs, and generously support the horse industry through its scholarship and philanthropy grants. 

Since formalizing our philanthropic efforts in 2000, the MHC's total for grants and scholarships has surpassed the quarter million dollar mark, with the total now exceeding $260,000. 

Some of our larger contributions have been $30,000 to the Mary Ann McPhail Center at MSU (a facility dedicated to equine gait and lameness research and veterinary clinical services), and $80,000 for the construction of the South Barn at the MSU Pavilion. 

Other smaller grants have been made to build or improve equine trails and campgrounds, support the equine exhibit at the Michigan State Fair, help competitors from Michigan youth equine groups (such as 4-H and rodeo teams) pay for travel to national competitions, Assist the Cheff Center following the collapse of their arena roof, support county 4-H clubs, provide funding for MSU Extension research and educational programs, support the Youth Education Wagon Train, and most recently, help pay for equine rescue following Hurricane Katrina.

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