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2016  Scholarship Winners
Congratulations !!

Every year, the Michigan Horse Council recognizes outstanding Michigan equestrian students by providing scholarships to further their education. It is the sincere hope of the Michigan Horse Council that these individuals will obtain an education that will allow them to continue their involvement with horses in the future.

Michigan Horse Council Member Scholarships

The Michigan Horse Council awards three scholarships to members each year. These scholarships may be awarded to high

school seniors or any member pursuing a degree in any field of study. The Michigan Horse Council member scholarship is in the

amount of $1000. The application for the 2017 member scholarship can be found on the Michigan Horse Council website at www.


Michigan Horse Council 4-H Scholarships

For Senior division participants at the State 4-H Horse Show, Michigan Horse Council has two scholarships in the amount of

$500 each. The winners are selected by randomly drawing two names from those of all the senior exhibitors; it is not a competitive

award. You are entered in the drawing when you enter the show.

Michigan Horse Council – Michigan Interscholastic

Horsemanship Association Scholarships

For Senior division participants at the State 4-H Horse Show, Michigan Horse Council has two scholarships in the amount of

$500 each. MIHA makes the selection for these scholarships, and application forms are available from the MIHA. Michigan Horse Council MSU Scholarships One scholarship in the amount of $1,500 for a student enrolled in the Horse Management program at MSU’s Institute of AgriculturalTechnology. One scholarship in the amount of $2,000 for a student pursuing a

Bachelor’s degree with an equine emphasis. One scholarship in the amount of $2,000 to a student pursuing a

DVM with and intent to practice equine medicine in Michigan.

Please contact the MSU Department of Animal Science for

information about the Horse Management and Bachelor’s degree

scholarships. Contact the College of Veterinary Medicine for

information regarding the veterinary scholarship.

For additional information regarding the Michigan Horse Council

scholarship programs visit www.michiganhorsecouncil.com.

Carlee writes: “I have been riding horses since before I learned how to walk. After a
horrible horse accident in the summer of 2014, if it wasn’t for the Michigan Trail
Riders Association, I wouldn’t have been able to get back on a horse. I only hope that
in the future I get the opportunity to give back to all the great people involved with
the association. I am a proud member of:Global Brigades, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, the Honors Program, and Pre-Optometry Club. Each of which have helped me shape my decision for my future occupation. I am an honors student at Ferris State University majoring in Biology/Pre-Optometry and made the dean’s list for the 2014 fall semester, 2015 spring and summer semesters.
“The characteristics I’ve learned from being with my horse, like a strong work ethic, communication, and leadership, will help me
succeed at my goal of becoming an eye doctor.“In the future I would like to be able to open up riding stables for my
community. I’ve met many children who love to ride, but don’t have the money to afford their own horse. I can understand this
because I grew up with little money, but I was fortunate enough to have my own horse. “Education means a lot to me, I will do anything I can to be able to afford it. I have been saving up from my part-time job and my parents are willing to help out with what they can.”

Averi writes: “My lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian will begin this fall.
I will start this journey at Saginaw Valley State University to major in Biology and
minor in Chemistry. I then plan to attend either Michigan State University or Ohio
State University to pursue my DVM. My overall hope is to study Theriogenology and
help to preserve the wonderful equine breeds of the past and the future. I have worked incredibly hard academically and taken every opportunity to learn about the
Equine Industry to be certain this is my calling.“To pay for college, I plan to utilize the scholarships I have already received, apply for additional scholarships and fulfill the remaining obligation with student loans. I will also continue to work at the
                                                                           breeding farm and any other jobs in the equine industry to help fund my dream.
“Being an equestrian has taught me to love the competition, but also to never sell an opportunity short. As equestrians, we will never stop learning and never stop teaching. Help and compassion are life skills that we all need. In my experience, I have learned that in this ride we call life, there are much more than ribbons or the plaques;it’s about building relationships that you can share amazing experiences with.”


Krista writes: “Throughout my high school career I have maintained a 4.0 GPA to make me one of my school’s valedictorians. In addition, I have received a three-year

Academic Award for my presence on the Honor Roll, as well as an AP Scholar

certification. Currently, I am actively involved in 4-H, my high school equestrian

team and the Michigan Appaloosa HorseAssociation. I participate in all aspects of showing, from showmanship to gymkhana. My volunteer service extends from

assisting at our county 4-H Horse Camp for the past four summers to volunteering at Allegiance Health.

“At this time, I would like to major in Neuroscience or Biology in Society. Following that, I will be attending medical school with

plans of being either a pediatric surgeon or neurosurgeon. I will besuccessful in this field because I have a love for helping people and a desire to make lives better. The equine industry has been, and will always be a part of my life. I am considering continuing with the equestrian team in college and will definitely continue showing.”

The 2016 Michigan Horse Council Michigan Interscholastic Horsemanship 

Association Scholarships were  presented to:


             RIANN GRAFF

            ROCKFORD, MI

           RIVERDALE, MI

2016 recipients of the

 Michigan Horse Council 

4-H scholarships are:

            NICOLE HUNTSMAN,

                CARLETON, MI



                (photo unavailable)

Michigan Horse Council 

MSU Horse Management Scholarship

recipients are:



Morgan writes: “I am a member of the Michigan Horse Council and the

Rocky Mountain Horse Association. This coming semester I will join the

Horseman’s Association. In addition, I am working with Dr. Karen Waite on

starting an Equine Ambassador Program. With this program, students would travel to high schools and trade shows to educate young people about the horse industry and the Horse Management program here at MSU.

“I have always wanted to work with horses. I was lucky to have such a clear vision of what I would like to do with my life, but it

took me a long time to take this chance and put myself through school. My long-range goals are to positively impact the welfare of

horses, specifically show horses. I hope in my lifetime I can help change some of these negative practices.

“My other long range goal is to work for a facility teaching equitation riders. I absolutely love teaching and influencing the

younger generation. My ultimate dream is to help students achieve their goals. I want to be a teacher that encourages kids to never give up. I think there is a lot of negativity in coaching and it tends to take the fun out of it. I believe in positive reinforcement for both horses and students. I will be interning with Indian Creek Morgan Show Horses, where I will be training show horses and teaching lessons this summer.”



Michaela writes: “As of the 2015 fall semester, my career plans for the future

are still up in the air. Even though I have loved horses all my life and have

always known I want to work with them, one of the reasons I decided to

come to Michigan State for Horse Management was to help me learn

about the different options open to mein the horse industry so that I could

make a better informed decision on my future. From my extensive past experience in the horse world and the one semester I have spent at MSU, my goal as of right now is to become a manager of a horse farm on the East Coast that focuses on eventing. Eventing is the horse sport I practice and it includes dressage, stadium jumping, and cross country. I would like to go to

the East Coast because that is where there is a large eventing community.

“Another goal of mine is to be as debt free as possible.  I work hard with my academics and extracurricular activities in hopes of

receiving scholarships to help pay for school, but unfortunately I am not eligible for many and have only been awarded one because

of my parent’s income. This is an issue when it comes to paying for school because I am paying for it myself. My career goals may change during the remainder of my education, but I will always do my best to maintain my financial goal of being debt free.

“As a barn manager, I would like to be a role model of organization and proper business practices. I have noticed that a large number of people I have come across in the horse world are great people and have the best intentions, but they lack organizational skills, and that prevents them from using their wonderful qualities to their fullextent. Also, in having an organized barn, any boarders or any other type of customers can have a comfortable stress-free environment

where they do not have to worry about the care of their horse. I want people to admire how my barn is run, and hopefully I can set a new standard.”

The 2016 recipients of the Michigan Horse Council MSU

Bachelor Degree Scholarships are:

SHANNEL CACHO (photo unavailable)

JESSIE WHITFIELD (photo unavailable)

The 2016 recipient of the Michigan Horse Council

MSU Veterinary Medicine Scholarship is:TO BE ANNOUNCED

Congratulations to all these great young people, we are certain they will be an asset to the equine industry in the future!

New in 2017, there will be an additional scholarship: the Dr. John Shelle Equine Scholarship,

in the amount of $2,000, to be awarded to a MSU student.