Michigan Horse Council

Promoting and Protecting the Horse Industry Since 1973 

Michigan Horse Council

Promoting and Protecting Michigan's Horse Industry Since 1973

Executive Board Members

President:     Don Packard    Email Don  

Vice President:  Jean Ligon   Email Jean 

Secretary:     Ida Glassbrook  Email Ida 

Treasurer:    Karyl Dunnaway Email Karyl 


Ellen VanSlyke        Email Ellen

Dee Bozek               Email Dee 

Sue Armstrong       Email Sue 

Connie Maynard     Email Connie 

Past President:  Mike Foote   Email Mike 

MHC Committee Chairs

Communications Chair:   Wendy Walker   Email Wendy

Education Chair:           Karen Waite     Email Karen 

Events Committee Chair:  Ida Glassbrook      Email Ida

Expo  Chair :  Ann Louise Budd    Email Ann Louise 

Finance Chair:    Sue Armstrong     Email Sue 

Membership Committee Chair:  Dee Bozek    Email Dee 

Membership Co-Chair:    Marilyn Graff   Email Marilyn 

Philanthropy Chair:       Kathy Glew    Email  Kathy  

Trails Committee  Chair:    Ellen VanSlyke      Email Ellen