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Dear Equestrians –

Now that the busiest season of the year is over, I would like to invite your review of the DRAFT  Michigan Equestrian Tourism Marketing Plan [I realise that you are all still hoping for many more days of great riding weather, and that we are all always busy, but hopefully you are a little less busy now than over the summer, and we want to keep this process moving!].

My request of you is to review the document attached and do the following by Sept 30 …
Note: the document is 27 pages long. However, the main body can be found on pages 4-11.

Send me ideas related to the highlighted portion on p. 6 – so names/contact info. of specific people, agencies, stores, stables, events, etc. that should be involved but that are not currently listed on pages 7-11. Also any additional tactical ideas that you have (think about who could be doing what and when, but is not currently identified).

Tell me what activities you or your club/agency/organization, etc. is willing to take on as a project.

Send me additions to Appendices One, Four and Five.

Send me photos or other appropriate images, e.g., logos: (i) for inclusion in the plan and (ii) for use on michigan.org

I have also attached a resource sheet containing lots of  (mostly free) marketing, PR and social media ideas.

Please share this email and both attachments widely – with friends, colleagues, members, etc.

Next steps:

Once we have received and incorporated your suggestions, we plan to host at least two forums at which we will do two things: (i) present the final version of the plan and (ii) present sample tactical plans, i.e., outlines of how you as an individual, business or other organization can implement relevant items. These tactical plans will essentially contain step-by-step guides of what to do, where, when, how and why to market your product, and they will be prepared and presented by Dave Serino,  Founder of TwoSix Digital and a nationally-recognized strategist and social media expert. Locations identified so far = Frankenmuth and Gaylord. If you are willing to host a forum, please let me know!

Looking forward to lots of input,


Again, please share this email and both attachments widely – with friends, colleagues, members, etc.

Sarah Nicholls, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Depts of Community Sustainability (CSUS) and Geography, Environment & Spatial Sciences,
Michigan State University,
Natural Resources Bldg.
480 Wilson Rd., Rm. 131
East Lansing, MI 48824-1222
Phone: 517 432 0319
Chair, Ingham County Parks & Recreation Commission
Chair, All University Traffic and Transportation Committee (AUTTC)
Coordinator/Facilitator, 2012-2017 Michigan Tourism Strategic Plan

Eq Tourism Report Body DRAFT.pdf

Michigan Tourism Resource Sheet.pdf